Interview mit Arnaud Tonus

Wir haben Arnaud Tonus nach seiner AMA Supercross Premiere ein paar Fragen gestellt.
ISMX: You and your Girlfriend went to the states about 4 month ago. How is life over there? Is it alot diffrent then in Switzerland? Did you adappt quick to it?

ISMX: You are on one of the best 250 teams if not the best team out there. How is it to work with Mitch and the whole Pro Circuit Team? Is it diffrent then the teams you rode before in europe?

ISMX: We all know the PC Kawasaki is a weapon. How good is this Bike really? Is there a big diffrence to the Kawasaki you rode in europe?

ISMX: I know you and Kenny are friends. Have you met him yet? Or with who do you hang out in the usa?

ISMX: Last Saturday was your first real sx.  How does it feel to ride in such a big event?

ISMX: What is your goal for this race and for the rest of the championship?

ISMX: And one last question i just want to know. You used to race without neckbrace and then in the GP’s you weared it. In the beginning of your sx testing you also weared it and on the last pic i saw from pressday you didn’t wear it why the change?
ISMX: Thank you very much for your time Arnaud and good luck for Atlanta!
Arnaud: Thx!

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